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Health Literacy Hub’s Mission


Personalised, Patient Centred-Care

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has” [Hippocrates].

A patient-centred approach promotes the active participation of the individual in the clinical decisions and ensures that their preferences, needs and values are respected.

Health Literacy Hub is a platform built around these core needs:

Fast access to reliable health advice

Clear comprehensive information and support

Involvement in decisions and respect for preferences


Improving Patient-Practitioner Communication

More accurate diagnosis

Communicate precise information to the healthcare providers about your health condition

Appropriate counselling

Understand how your medical or family history may impact your risk of developing certain conditions and seek timely and appropriate advice

Higher adherence to the therapeutic strategy

Understand the choices of treatment and express your preferences and needs

Improved long-term health

Be actively involved in every step of your physical and mental healthcare journey to choose the best options for you


Providing Informed Consent

Research shows that most of the material and information related to informed consent that are delivered during the consultation are difficult to understand, leading to a misevaluation of the potential risks and complications of a medical procedure, and critical legal and ethical issues.

A better comprehension of the information provided enables improved content retention, the opportunity to ask for clarification wherever needed, and to express satisfaction with the suggested medical procedure or treatment plan.

long-lasting health Benefits

Greater Adherence To Treatment Plans

Label interpretation

Better interpretation of medication labels for content, dose and warnings

benefits and risks

Comprehension of the benefits and potential side effects of medications for better adherence and timely intervention whenever needed

Tailored approach

Ability to play an active role in the decision-making process based upon a patient’s preferences, goals and needs

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