Category Anatomy 101

Rectum Explained

The rectum is a hollow chamber that host the faeces (stool) as long it is required before their expulsion through the anus. Learn all the details about the rectum in this article!

Hip Muscles Explained

Movement, strength and stability in the pelvic region are possible through a number of deep and superficial muscles in the hip. Learn more about these structures and their function in this article!

Groin Explained

The groin, or inguen, is the region located between the abdomen and the tights. Read this article to learn everything about the health and disease of this body part.

Omentum Explained

The omentum is a protective layer of fat that covers the peritoneal cavity. Read about the structure and critical role of this, apparently simple, body part!

Vestibule Explained

The vestibule is the central part of the bony labyrinth of the inner ear and is responsible for hearing and maintaining the body in equilibrium. Learn all the details in this article.

Neck Explained

The neck is a body part that not only enables the connection of the head to the rest of the body but is also involved in mobility, breathing and digestion. Learn all the details in this article!

Mediastinum Explained

The mediastinum is a space comprised between the lungs and the diaphragm within the thoracic cavity. Learn more about its structure, content, function, and diseases.

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